Work Schedule

Schedule of Works illustrations and outline

These free work schedules and templates are designed to help you plan your construction project. They are used to demonstrate how the site should run and as a point of reference for all the works to be carried out. A schedule of work will be used by architects, surveyors, project managers and contractors when embarking on any major construction project.

Construction Work Schedules

On this site you will find free construction works schedules for you to download. These template schedules are free to use for whatever purpose is required and are designed to be easily used by both professionals and beginners. Each Schedule of Works contains lists of the most common trades, procedures and construction works that can be amended to fit your project, whatever the size. All the Work schedules and Template Schedules are free to download with no copyright or infringement issues; you will however need Microsoft Excel.

How to create your Schedule of Works

To fill out and create your works schedule you will need to list the various procedures of the project. Some of the more important ones are listed however these can easily be changed and adjusted to suit your needs, depending on the works you are carrying out. You can go into as much detail as you like when entering the works and time periods. Research how long works and processes take and in what order they should go before entering in all your data. I have shown some examples of these works schedules as used on recent projects.